Optimise Frac Sand Logistics Strategies

Examine strategic locations and existing capacity of rail infrastructure and storage facilities across North America.

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A closer look at the frac sand supply chain

Monitor proppant supply in the market.
A new look at developments in proppant technology and quality control.

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E&P production expectations determine frac sand demand

Detailed well-by-well production expectations and estimates for the US and Canadian shale plays.

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Expert Speakers to Date

  • Christopher Robart
    IHS Energy
  • Adam Borden
    Gulf Winds International
  • Jeff Kralowetz
    Argus Media Inc
  • Todd Bush
    Energent Group
  • Tony Little
    Fortress Proppants
  • Tim Leshchyshyn
    Frac Knowledge
  • David Boardman
    Stockpile Reports
  • Tim Sheehan
    Eriez Flotation
  • Chris Favors 
    Maalt LP
  • Walter Knight
    PCC Logistics
  • John Metts
  • M. Dimah
    PEC Consulting Group
  • Alex Schwaner
    ASI Industrial Inc
  • Gerry Glynn
    ShipXpress Inc
  • Steve Sashihara
    Princeton Consultants
  • John Allegretti
    Arrows Up, Inc
  • Brandon Hodges
    TMW Systems Inc
  • John Hinesley
    Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems LLC
  • Steve Robinson
    Pressure Systems International
  • Mike Flinn
    Solaris Oilfield

Past Attendees

  • Hexion Energy
  • Brother Inc
  • PEC Consulting
  • Tradequip International
  • Twin Eagle
  • Gulf Winds International, Inc
  • Energent Group
  • Mining Media International
  • Servco Oil
  • BNSF Railway
  • Marquette Transportation
  • Maalt, LP
  • Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure
  • PEC Consulting
  • ShipXpress Inc
  • FTS International
  • Meritor
  • TMW Systems
  • IHS Energy
  • PCC Logistics
  • Meritor
  • Argus Media
  • Brother
  • Gulf Winds International, Inc
  • Frac Knowledge
  • Bayer Material Science, LLC
  • Anton Energy Services
  • Fortress Proppants Ltd
  • TMT Solutions
  • Panasonic
  • TMW Systems, Inc
  • Maalt, LP
  • Target Products Ltd
  • Sand Products Corp
  • TMT Solutions
  • Pacwest Consulting
  • Superior Silica Sands
  • ShaleMarkets, LLC
  • BNSF Railway
  • Dillman Equipment
  • PLG Consulting
  • ASI Industrial, Inc
  • Meritor
  • Total Group
  • CPMG
  • Energent Group
  • Sargent Sand
  • Twin Eagle
  • ShipXpress Inc
  • Chieftain Sand
  • Chevron

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Bringing together frac-sand buyers, sellers, and service companies

The low oil price regime has left the North American frac sand industry in the unknown as shale gas and tight oil operations have stabilized across the continent. For the year ahead, how will the current environment impact on the market for proppants? Will the negative impact be absorbed by a rise in the volume of frac sand being used per well? The supply chain is under pressure to adopt cost-cutting strategies and navigating through the market has become increasingly complex.

In addition to market constraints, logistics and transportation companies, together with rail and transloading facilities need to find practical solutions for responding to a low price regime. The existing US and Canadian transportation networks need to focus on efficiencies in order to economically serve a market looking to cut costs.

The overall market supply and logistical challenges are leading to market tightness and price volatilities, which are further aggravated by the added pressures on existing railroad facilities from developing crude-by-rail and from the overall shortages in storage capacity; furthermore, any adverse weather related events will only exacerbate the situation due to a lack of sufficient in-play storage facilities.

The objective of The North American Frac Sand Conference 2018 will be to bring the frac sand supply chain industry together to evaluate solutions for overcoming the current market and logistical challenges of supplying frac sand to well sites.

Thank you to all of our supporters and participants from previous summits, here’s a short clip below.

Following the huge success of the previous Frac Sand Conference, this year’s event will provide a forum for all stakeholders at every stage of the supply chain from suppliers and proppant manufacturers, to railroad operators, well servicing companies and E&Ps, to network and build cross-market relationships and to discuss the latest developments in the proppant market and logistics infrastructure across North America.

Our agenda will include:

  • Frac sand market supply and demand forecasts
  • New rail loading, offloading, and transloading developments
  • Reducing transportation costs and pricing dynamics
  • Optimising on existing rail infrastructure, storage points, and capacity
  • Trucking and last-mile transportation strategies
  • End users case studies and proppant quality requirements

The Exhibition

If you would like to exhibit at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com

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To secure your place at North American Frac Sand 2018 or if you require more information, please contact delegates@iQ-Hub.com.


Who Should Attend

This event is aimed at U.S. and Canadian E&Ps, drilling and well service companies, proppant suppliers, and transportation and railway operators wanting to integrate with North American...

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Why Attend

North American Frac Sand 2018 will deliver the most up-to-date market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest from the frac sand market and transportation network...

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Key topics for 2018:

  • Frac sand market supply and demand forecasts
    Understand the key market drivers and supply forecasts with an update on volumes and specifications of frac sand required in key North American plays.
  • New rail loading, offloading and transloading developments
    Optimise on the latest developments in transloading facilities and identify new offloading points to maximise efficiencies and profit margins across the supply chain.
  • Rail infrastructure, storage points, and capacity
    Examine optimal locations and capacity of rail infrastructure and storage facilities across North America to provide efficient proppant supplies. When is it economical to store frac sand?
  • Reducing transportation costs and pricing dynamics
    Learn how to minimize overall transportation costs and find work-around solutions to price differentials. How are others in the industry managing price volatilities?
  • Trucking and last-mile transportation strategies
    Evaluate the available options of trucking frac sand directly to wellsite and overcome last-mile logistical challenges with cost reduction in mind.
  • Multiple end user case studies and specification requirements
    Hear end users discuss their proppant quality requirements and implement strategies that others in the industry are using to manage constraints.


  • A broad range of topics covered by key industry representatives. Fraser Bringeland, STT Enviro Corp
  • This conference offers opportunities to see how the frac sand industry is going through right now and how it will develop in the near future. Mr M Dimah, PEC Consulting Group
  • A valuable lesson on the opportunities and challenges within the frac sand industry as a whole. Mike Landy, Gulf Winds International
  • A very well organised conference with a great range of presentations and topics! Gary Gifford, PEC Consulting Group
  • Excellent group participation! Tim Leshchychyn, FracKnowledge
  • A very productive show with oil well services and fleets in attendance. Steve Robinson, PSI-ATIS
  • Very informative and received a lot of valuable information on companies that could benefit from my needs. Desarae Haynes, Muskie Proppants
  • It was fantastic to see many elements of the Frac Sand supply chain assembled all in one place. Beth Gutweiler, CFC
  • Best Frac Sand conference I have attended in quite a while. Great expert speakers and well attended. John Suldickas, Arrmaz
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